Jordan Avenue near Geary, San Francisco

Residence Chimney Repair

The tall, brick chimney connected to this existing residence had separated about a foot from the house during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Investigation revealed that it had never been internally strapped to the house‘s structural fame.

So I designed an anchorage system consisting of a steel scrollwork letter ‘S’ -- the Owners‘ family initial -- drilled with three carefully located holes through the top, middle and bottom of the letter.

Long bolts were embedded in the rebuilt masonry and fastened to new wood bracing inside the attic.

The letter ‘S’ was mounted over the bolts where they project through the exposed face of the chimney to clamp it to the bracing.

This solution not only stabilized the chimney but delighted the Owners with a unique, personal touch to their newly acquired house.

Completed Summer, 1990